A look back at the glamorous wedding of actress Anya Taylor-Joy married Malcolm McRae with a flashy wedding in Venice and a Gothic-inspired dress

Nothing makes me happier than hearing about a surprise celebrity wedding, especially when you get to see some of the amazing wedding guest outfits that several A-list celebrities, including the bride, are sporting.

Anya Taylor-Joy Wedding: Inside The Glitzy Venice Nuptials & Dior Wedding  Dress | Glamour UK


Over the weekend, Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae were married in Venice, and let us just say that it was just breathtaking. It was evident from photos obtained by MailOnline and a smattering of Instagram photos uploaded by attendees that this was one opulent weekend.


The actor and her musician spouse exchanged vows in a formal courtroom ceremony last summer, but this weekend they decided to throw a celebration for over 150 guests, which included Miles Teller and his wife Keleigh, Cara Delevingne, Nicholas Hoult, and Julia Garner.


The pair supposedly exchanged vows at the famed Palazzo Pisani Moretta, a mansion from the fifteenth century located on Venice’s Grand Canal.


Before the big day, Anna was seen sipping coffee on her balcony. A few hours later, she reappeared in an incredible creamy ballgown adorned with embroidered flowers and birds. W Magazine claims that Dior designed the custom-made garment, which included a tier-like, nude tulle fabric highlighted by a corseted bodice and a princess-style skirt. The actress paired it with a traditional gauzy white veil.Descarga Esplendor Mínimo anya taylor joy white Manía Raza humana seta

Anya Taylor‑Joy: 'I'm not very good at showing off'


The event was held at the former mansion of the aristocratic Pisani-Moretta family, and guests are said to have arrived in true Bond fashion by water taxi. It is now a gorgeous boutique hotel that the couple probably rented out for themselves and their visitors.


The palace also hosted the star-studded reception after the couple’s wedding, where attendees wore masks like to those worn during a masquerade. According to People, the newlyweds had a nearby brunch at the St. Regis the following day.


Since they first became romantically involved in May 2021, Anya and Malcolm have largely avoided the public eye.


Soon after they first met, Malcolm was very forward about his feelings for Anna. In March 2022, he posted on Instagram about his song Really Want to See You Again. “After meeting Anya, I wrote this song for her in just two days.”


Anna disclosed her romance with British Vogue in the same month. “I have at last found someone who will read aloud to me in silence. We are essentially seven and eighty years old at the same time, and it works incredibly well.


Superb, many congratulations to you all!

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